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“ Munsyari………. A Touch of Kashmir “

Dear readers, today you will come to know about a place which is better known as little Kashmir lies in the belt of Uttarakhand. Yeah, I am talking about Munsyari. I will not say that it’s more than Kashmir but it’s almost a Kashmir in itself only when you come once and witness. And that’s the truth.

Munsyari is situated in the easternmost hill district of Uttrakhand where Pithoragarh lies. Munsyari surrounds itself with the border of Tibet that is why it is better known as ‘Little Kashmir.’ This place will make you feel in paradise if you are an enthusiastic soul, an adventurous mind, and of course a nature-loving body.

Once you reach here, you will witness the awe-inspiring views of Himalayan peak Panchchuli. But if you are a trekker or if you feel so then Munsyari is a must and worth visiting a place as it will take you to Milam Glacier to Ralam Glaciers to Nanda Devi peak while trekking. It is also called the base for the trekkers and it’s a swift developing center for skiing and other ice sports in the season of cold. Munsyari lies in the feet of the great Himalayan mountain range and from here itself if one starts his/her trek then it will take him the interior of the Himalayas. If I ain’t wrong then Trekking in the Himalayas will make you super charmed.

Munsyari means ‘Place with Snow’ Though Munsyari lies in the ancient Tibetan Salt Trade Route that’s why since a very long time it holds an inhabitant of Shanka Nomadic Tribes. Even you can meet them on your way to submit it into your thrilling experiences. This Munsyari is a pretty big and evolved Himalayan township at an elevation of 2,298 meters. It too holds a crowd of approx 1, 00,000 people. It falls on the entrance of Johar valley and is situated on the banks of Goriganga River. The gateway Johar region of inner Himalayas extends its path along the Goriganga River up to the river source at Milam Glacier. Munsyari hails at a distance of 135 km. from Pithoragarh and 200 km. from Almora. Munsyari is a rapidly growing tourist destination due to glacier enthusiasts and high altitude treks. The nature lovers use this area as their base camp or hub.

You won’t feel less than Bear Grylls if you wish to as how he treks the different glaciered regions in the world you can feel and do the same almost. That is why Munsyari is an ideal place for trekking on high altitudes to different glaciers where it is the base camp for the Nanda Devi trek. Once you start trekking the surrounding countryside you shall be followed by treks of past birch, walnut, juniper, and rhododendron trees. You will also be followed by the highly elevated rolling lush green meadows and a number of bugyals. The recently developed skiing locations for the winter season are Khaliya Top and Betuli Dhar.

Apart from trekking, you can even enjoy there a few worth visiting places like……!


Dharchula (Image Source: Uttarakhand tourism)

Dharchula: An important route way to Kailash Mansarovar on the banks of River Kali.


Madkot: Due to the belt of Sulfur it is better known for its Hot Water Spring which cures skin disease.

Birthi Falls
Birthi Falls

Birthi Falls: A worth watching waterfall attraction which is 33 km. away from Munsyari.

Narayan Ashram
Narayan Ashram (Image source: euttaranchal.com)

Narayan Ashram: It is a very popular socio-economic and a spiritual center at Munsyari at an elevation of 2,734 meters. It was established by Narayan Swamy in the year of 1936.

Milam Glacier
Milam Glacier (Image source: thrillophilia.com)

Milam Glacier: It summit at 3553 meters. and is the nodal point for different high-grade routes and peaks like Hardeol(7151mtrs.), Burphudhura(6148mtrs.) and Kalabulanddhura(6215mtrs.). The base camp is Munsyari(2298mtrs.) for Milam Glacier in Pithoragarh district. From Munsyari the trek to Milam Glacier is mostly downhill along the Goliganga River banks en-routed with the thick and dense forest of Bugdiyar up to the Rilkot where the land opens into the valley of Goriganga River.

Burfu Village
Burfu Village (Photo credit: Devender Singh Jangpangi)

Burfu Village: From here one can get a very clear picturesque view of Nanda Devi and Hardeol Peaks upwards of Milam Glacier. You can find this village below the valley of Goriganga by after crossing this river from the dense forest of Rilkot.

How to reach Munsyari………………………..?

By Air: Pantnagar Airport is the closest airport from Munsyari at a distance of 188kms. Else Pithoragarh has an airstrip Naini Saini by name which is 135kms. from Munsyari but it’s not a regular airport.

By Rail: The Nearest railway station is Tanakpur which is 286kms.from Munsyari.

By Road: It is well connected by a good network of roads which includes all important centres of the Region like Pithoragarh(135kms.), Lohaghat(197kms.), Almora(200kms.), Champawat(211kms.) and Tanakpur(286kms.).

Where to stay at Munsyari………………………..?

  • Martolia Lodge                                                :Ph – 05961-222287
  • PWD Inspection Bunglow
  • Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Rent House    :Ph – 05961-222239
  • Pandey Lodge                                                  :Ph – 05961-222286
  • Zara Resort                                                      :Ph – 05961-222524
  • Hansling Lodge                                               :Ph – 05961-222321
  • Tented Accommodation at Sirmouli (1km from Munsyari)          


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