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Astonishing Homestay at Coorg: Live and Grow

Why not decide on a place nestled in the thick wilderness which speaks in a tongue with the fickle Kaveri River on the Brahmagiri hill of Western Ghats..? Did you get a hint..? In India, if not the Northernmost part then what….? Yeah, it’s the Southern part, and it’s none other than the bewitching Coorg.

After a long time, I’m honored again to pen down something for you all. So, let’s start the journey. AaaaAaaannn…today Ishmoh won’t start a journey but it will make your journey rest for some time. Exhausted? Not anymore. Witness a lavish beauty and go for a stay at Coorg.

A Unique Mélange of Traditions

Astonishing homestay of Coorg to live and grow is a mélange of modern and traditional family homes communing with nature at its best. Rather than staying in luxurious hotels, one can opt to go for a homestay to get a native feel just like the streets of Pondicherry with a full-fledged French – Tamil cultural mélange….Well, soon I’ll write on this topic too to make you feel mesmerized and adequate eager to visit the same. Please wait..!

Many of the mélange houses to welcome a stay at Coorg are basically constructed with granite stones column over laterite tiles. Few even go for the terracotta tiles for flooring which gives it entirely a natural bloom in the wilderness. All these somewhat deal with exterior view. Now if I talk about the interiors then the foyer area is generally ornamented with antique furniture with nice contemporary flooring which really fetches a detailed traditional past with the warmth of comfortability of a modern lifestyle perhaps. The architectural interior and exterior turn the entire house into a language that is deeply relevant to play or a melodrama that synchronizes a traditional gesture and a contemporary feeling.

Feel Like A Native

The local Coorg homes go parallel in terms of traditional and contemporary designs of interior and exterior structures with an open gardening area for some plantsperson or an anthophile probably. It might make someone feel like a native there if you choose for a stay at Coorg.

Other than artificial steps, ramps, and retaining walls, the exterior is left untouched on a large scale which certainly provides the whole architect a wilderness envelope. There is even a local belief that the garden returns to the wood’s wildness after the sun sets and that’s why the natives don’t lighten up their gardens after the end of the day. Isn’t it interesting…? Well, I really do an eye to eye on this. Don’t you..? So it’s your threshold only that is left behind and the rest submitted to nature if it comes to the best homestay in Coorg.

More of Contemporary Interiors of Local Coorg homes

Let me brief a bit more of interior for you dear readers. Indeed, it is a contemporary functional layout that reciprocates the interior heights and volumes in such a way that turns it into an interesting open-plan space. The living and dining areas are combined together which is led by an entrance lobby. Moreover, the area beyond is joined by a pantry attached with the kitchen area and a powder room as well. Wait! Do you know what a power room is? If no then do a little research about it, it’s homework for you from my end, dear readers. ☺ It’s really interesting to add on in our lexicon always.

Well, the main bedroom which heights double is held by the ground floor itself with three decks in three different directions. One also needs to visit the balconies of upper floor bedrooms to overlook the hills of Brahmagiri which seems to be the origin of Kaveri River i.e. Thalakaveri in other words meaning Kaveri of underneath earth. These upper bedrooms also function as a study room which is adequate to create an elegant Parnassus. It is designed in such a way that it can even overlook the double-height dining room and the entrance lobby as well and the hillside view through the other direction.

Colloquial Design Details of Southern History

These are more likely to be a retreat home where the dining and the leaving areas lead to the garden directly to make it a semi-outdoor space. It will magnetize one towards outdoor more than indoors which will help the visitors to witness the nature from the closest like watching drizzling rain, hill views, golden sunrise, and dusky twilight and what not..? For sure dear readers, it might help you spend your vacations, extraordinarily. Your stay at Coorg will contextualize South Indian flourished colloquial details everywhere like finial roofs, simplified lintels, and antique furniture and granite columns on the deck area which are completely hand dressed.

This is how the Coorg inhabitants ornament their houses traditionally to let them be aesthetic. And this is really what makes the best homestay in Coorg. Let me add one more thing here that Coorg is the westernized name of Kodagu which dates backs to the Sangam Period (300 BCE – 300 CE approximately) Ezhimala dynasty of the Southern part of India was also known as The Then Mysuru or Mysore (now Karnataka). Coorg war between the British East India Company and the Kodagu inhabitants of the Kodagu Kingdom is very popular. Anglican Church of St. Mark and the Madikeri fort even play a vital role in its history along with the introduction of scientific coffee cultivation by the British. Homestay in Coorg Madikeri is quite popular. Many people even like to watch its Madikeri Dasara (Dussehra) which is a full-fledge puppetry show based on Hindu Mythology.

Let’s Conclude the Best Homestay in Coorg

Local Coorg homes feel really honored to sustain their history or their past extremely well which knits every intricate motif or a coping/mount or a lintel to form a narrative composition of a timeless design altogether. So what your plan is..? Do let me know in the comments please and plan your stay at Coorg soon. I wish you the best homestay in Coorg.


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