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Ever Wondered About the Best Countries to Live In…?

It’s not about utopia but resembles a lot when it comes to one’s dream place to live forever. It’s not a fairyland obviously, but nothing less than that. Yes, when it comes to the place of your dreams to reside then you too would utter almost the same statement probably.

Well, relaxation of the heart lies in the remembrance of God, despite people longing for countries with the best quality of life in this hectic world because the human tendency says that you get whatever but no rest..! Often people complain that nothing is going good in the country, and the government has become corrupt, become hard to survive, drawbacks of the education system, lack of living standards, and what not…! Against these complaints, one can ask about those places where a person would love to stay. Which are those countries which are equipped with the best quality of life in 2022…? So, let me take you on a voyage to such best countries to live in with your family.

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Basically, I have tried my best to list out the 6 best places (Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Botswana, Japan, and Chile) to live in the world amongst many. And I have divided this article into two sections so as not to make it long. These could be the best countries to live in in the future or the best countries to move to either. Let’s begin…!

A country with qualities…Why not Denmark…?

Denmark could be one of the best countries to live in the world. Even it is one of the three Nordic countries lying in the Northern Hemisphere. The other two are Norway and Sweden. All these three have high living standards.

On the basic facility measuring scale, Denmark has been found on top according to the BBC reports. Here the political agendas or the fluctuations are in the least. Even you needn’t worry about the basics like electricity, water, high-quality education, superior hospitals, etc. The amenities are in best here. Although Paradise is beyond our imagination, still Anne Steinbach of Germany who got settled at Demark quoted in one of her international reports that this country isn’t only an ideal place for its natives, but for those too who got settled here from outside. This country provides the same sort of facilities like education, health, security, etc. for both categories.

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Anne even claims that if an employee falls sick here then he/she just needs to inform the boss by a call, text, or mail either, wherein Germany the sick need to submit the medical certificate for proof. Anne moves on stating that Danish/Danes are very accommodating, very friendly, and sociable. If you want to hang out with them then just invite them for lunch/dinner, the rest will be done automatically. Denmark might be expensive in comparison to other European countries but this gets reimbursed in form of provided amenities or facilities here. You yourself travel and then decide that whether it’s the best country to live in or not..!

Planning to settle….? What about New Zealand…?

A country in Oceania with full-fledged superior living standards. This even goes with its neighboring country Australia. They stand on top in the progressive parameters and the citizens get their facilities just like the rights.

New Zealand became the first country in the world to provide voting rights to the female gender in 1883. Citizens got linked up by signing a petition for the same in the whole country and today one can find that petition as an exhibit in one of the museums of New Zealand. I don’t remember the name of that museum dear reader. If you know then please let me know too in the comment box.

New Zealand holds the tag of a country with the best quality of life – 2022. If a person stays alone here then the Government will take complete care of him. Doesn’t matter, if that person is a single mom or dad, a student, or an old person, the government will be there for him at best. Especially the old age people are being taken care of a lot here. Whenever an old person here turns 65, irrespective of that person being a native or an outsider who got settled there, whether he/she has a property or not…, whether he/she is earning or not…., doesn’t matter; Government starts providing him the regular pension to make a living. So, this could be the best country to live in with family. Pondering upon…?

Welcome to Canada: a preferred country….!

In the Northern American Continent, the United States and its neighbor Canada are better known for their superior amenities or high living standards. Majority polls that these are the best countries to live in in the future. That’s why both are considered to be the best places to live in the world. Especially, Canada claims according to an international report that it has the entire progressive parameters for an accelerating human life. Here too, the government takes complete care of its people.

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Moreover, Canada is more forward in life culture and standards in comparison to America. This is most probably due to being a very calm country and fewer crime rates in comparison to the United States. Even Canadian women have more rights than American women as per the laws. Aaliya Bekson, a missy from Toronto stated in a BBC article that she does have citizenship of both countries but Canadians are more honest and justice-loving. Canada firstly measures the outsiders according to its own parameters, who are about to settle over there, and then they welcome them wholeheartedly. Canada could be the best country to move to. What do you say…?

Please don’t forget to go through the 2nd part of this blog (Few most awaited best countries to live); where a few more waited places are standing in a queue of 6 best countries to live in the world amongst many good and better. Will get back soon dear readers…!


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