About us

Welcome To Discover Daze

A green horn… yes, formed in the year of 2018. ‘Discover Daze’ – a blogging field created by two unpuzzled friends from 2 different states to bat and ball their views in the department of Trends especially. More or less they together put their views on lifestyle and trends to cater to viewers in the field of blogs primarily. As one of them hails from the background of Tourism so it became easy for the other to pen down the thoughts and facts besides the Lives and Trends.

Before they started, they never specified themselves for a specific trend or culture rather whatever comes across in the same field whether from a different City, State/Province, Country or Continent. This too became the reason behind giving this ‘Discover Daze’ its tagline and that is “Travel – Culture – Food” as it belongs to their primary concept of blogging where they wanted to start their innings. This was more often to different Cultures, Traditions, especially Lifestyles and Trends. You made us stand by your love and affection in your comments. True.

Not bounding themselves, later they decided to expand their horizons by facilitating their viewers with different contents like Travel – Tourism, Food, Culture and many more to make you close to ‘Discover Daze’ by the will of God. Hoping for a positive response and lots of viewers.

Thanking You.