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Six reasons why you must visit Palawan on your next trip to the Philippines!

If you look past the crowded beaches of Boracay and the buzz of the busy metropolitan cities, you’ll find that the Philippines is blessed with several unadulterated natural attractions, one of which is a heavenly island called Palawan! It is a perfect destination to visit on your next trip to the Philippines. You ask us why? Well, there are many reasons for this! Continue reading for the six best reasons to visit Palawan, A Paradise on Earth.

Secluded beaches:

Beaches are the primary attractions in the Philippines, and you’ll enjoy a beach holiday even more in Palawan because this narrow strip of land nestled between the China Sea and the Sulu Sea is home to several virgin white-sand beaches with unmatched natural beauty. The twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are two of the alluring reasons to visit Palawan. Clear blue waters on one side and swaying palm groves on the other – Palawan beaches offer you the ultimate peace and solitude that’s hard to find at a beach!

Breathtaking views everywhere:

Sparkling azure waters, white-sand beaches, coral gardens, secret lagoons, underground rivers, beautiful natural parks, lush rainforests, towering limestone cliffs – these are a few of the enchanting sights you’ll get to enjoy at this Philippines ‘last ecological frontier’ which is aptly described as a ‘Paradise on Earth.’ Nature lovers and shutterbugs are not to miss the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise/ sunset here, and the best part is that you’ll have the views all to yourself!

World-class diving sites:

Palawan, an island rich in biodiversity, has some of the best diving spots in the Philippines. You’ll be utterly amazed at the underwater sights as much as the surrounding sights. The main highlight among the diving sites in Palawan is Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park situated in the middle of the Sulu Sea. This protected area boasts stunningly colorful coral reefs and hundreds of marine species! Diving here is a dream for many seasoned divers, which is the reason why divers visit Palawan often.

Apo Reef Natural Park, Barracuda Lake, Tagbao Island, Cuttlefish Shawl are some of the best diving spots in the Philippines. Also, the diving sites in Coron Bay give you the opportunity to explore Japanese shipwrecks.

A hotspot for fun and adventure activities:

The wide array of fun and adventure activities this beautiful island encourages acts as the main reason to visit Palawan for adventure lovers. From hiking, scuba diving, cliff-diving, rock climbing, shipwreck diving to exploring the diverse ecosystem of Subterranean River National Park, paddling along the Puerto Princesa Underground River and exploring the hidden caves, Palawan has a lot in store for adventure junkies. Take your adventure game to a higher level at Ugong Rock Adventures!

Amicable locals:

Filipinos are known to be jolly people, and you’ll realize it on your trip to Palawan. They make you feel at ease with their friendly and welcoming nature and are always ready to help and guide tourists. Isn’t it great to be surrounded by such people during your vacation in a foreign land? Palawan’s exquisite beauty, its laid-back vibes, and the chilled-out locals are sure to leave a lasting impression on you that your own first-time experience of Palawan will become a convincing reason to visit Palawan again and again.

Palawan is ranked the world’s best island more than twice:

With so many alluring attractions, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Palawan is ranked the world’s best island. Readers of popular international travel magazine ‘Travel + Leisure’ voted for Palawan and crowned it as the ‘World’s best island’ in 2016, 2017, and as recently as 2020 too. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your cheap flight ticket to this ‘Paradise on Earth’ with iEagle and enjoy your trip!


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