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5 Starbucks’ Secret Fall Drinks You Must Try Right Now

Sometimes, all you need is a cup of coffee; with a green straw!

Loyal Starbucks customers understand how special it is to get some cool, personalized creations on their order. Are you one of them?

If yes, we’ve some great news for you. 

Starbucks has unveiled some of its secret Starbucks falls drinks for the fall season. What are they? What makes them so special? Why should you definitely try them?

Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure to uncover 5 best fall Starbucks drinks:

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter Latte

Cookie butter and caffeine? Yes, definitely!

Lately, Starbucks has been famous for its not-so-secret special Starbucks fall drinks menu. Thanks to TikTokers some of the coffeehouse’s best caffeine combinations on the menu are discovered. 

Although the secret Cookie Butter Latte isn’t a new addition – it first appeared in 2018 – many are now sharing the good news. The “secret” menu mainly involves modifications to existing drinks using Starbucks’s wide range of milk, syrups, sauces, creamers, toppings, and others. 

Among these, the Cookie Butter Latte stands out as a favorite among latte lovers. Why is that? 

It’s perfectly sweet and gives you the caffeine boost you need, making it an excellent choice when you want to change up your usual Starbucks order.

One of the most amazing things about this order is that you can enjoy it both hot and cold. Isn’t that hot? I mean cool.

Apple Pie Frappuccino

Fans are going gaga on this order from the fall secret menu. Why is it the best fall drink at Starbucks? What’s so amazing about it? 

This delicious Starbucks beverage tastes like an apple pie. Mouth-watering. Isn’t it?

It offers you a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino that comes from heavy cream, apple brown sugar syrup, apple drizzle, and extra caramel.

So, what’s the recipe?

Let’s uncover:

  • The first line is a cream base
  • After that, comes apple juice
  • Then, cinnamon dolce syrup and caramel syrup are added

Once this is done, whipped cream and caramel drizzle are added. 

One more thing about the secret fall drink from Starbucks is that you can enjoy it anytime of the year. 

White Chocolate Pumpkin Iced Espresso

If you’re craving a delightful treat from the Starbucks secret menu, look no further than the enchanting White Chocolate Pumpkin Iced Espresso! 

Earlier a video of the beverage from the secret menu was shared on TikTok, which got more than 42,000 likes. The video spills the beans on how to savor this delicious beverage.

When you are at Starbucks, confidently request three shots of espresso poured over a generous helping of ice. Then, ask to add a dash of autumn flavor with two pumps of pumpkin sauce, followed by an irresistible touch of sweetness with two pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce. 

The personalized touch continues with your choice of creamer – a chance to make it just the way you like it.

But here’s the pièce de résistance: top it all off with the glorious pumpkin cream cold foam, ensuring each sip is a symphony of flavors. 

This secret sipper is a game-changer that will have your taste buds dancing with delight.

100 Calorie Brown Sugar Pumpkin Espresso

Picture this: a perfectly shaken espresso concoction, expertly crafted to satisfy your cravings without tipping the calorie scale.

This is exactly what the 100 Calorie Brown Sugar Pumpkin Espresso offers you. A hidden gem on the Starbucks secret menu promises to tantalize your taste buds with autumnal goodness! 

When you’re ready to order, ask for a shaken espresso adorned with a splendid combination of flavors. 

You can begin by requesting a pump of pumpkin cold foam, with the richness of every sip. 

Then, sweeten the deal with a pump of brown sugar syrup, striking a perfect balance between warmth and sweetness.

After that, ask for two pumps of sugar-free vanilla, adding a guilt-free sweetness that won’t weigh you down. You can also request an additional pump of pumpkin sauce, infusing your drink with that unmistakable pumpkin spice charm. 

To give the finishing touch, sprinkle on some extra cinnamon. Now what?

Enjoy your drink!

Pumpkin Shaken Espresso

As we have reached the end of the list, it’s time to tantalize your taste buds with Starbucks’ Pumpkin Shaken Espresso – a frosty concoction that’s not just a drink; it’s an experience! 

Think of a chilly shakerato-style beverage that brings to you a blend of the rich essence of pumpkin spice sauce, the robust kick of brewed espresso, and a hint of creamy indulgence with a splash of milk.

Mouth watering. Isn’t it?

To get this Starbucks’ secret fall drink, all you need to do is to order it.

There you have it. Next time you go to Starbucks, get one of these starbucks’ fall drinks to experience the coffeehouse’s secret.

All the best!


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