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“Nostalgia: A Way back to Dehradun & Mussoorie”

The time for reconnecting memories has come….wanna be Nostalgic perhaps. If not then will make you so. Yeah, I am indicating towards The Pahari (mountaineer) beauty. The land of charms boasting lavishing greenery, of course, the heritage of flora and fauna, and for sure the attraction of several tourist destinations, meadows, passes and glaciers, and trekking routes and wildlife sanctuaries which ain’t least in itself. Without further ado let’s start with one of the provinces of Uttarakhand which is revered by the highest Indian officials, civilians, renowned authors, British histories, ancient cultures, extraordinary education, and what not..? And it’s Dehradun and Mussoorie. This is my most interesting place in Uttrakhand where I had been a lot. Praise be to God.

In the foothills of the great Himalayas, in the Doon Valley Dehradun lies which nestled 2 mightiest rivers of India – The Ganges to the East and Yamuna to the West. Dehradun is a doorway to the atmospheric region of the pleasant climate and the picturesque landscape for which it is pretty famous. Because there are more to see. The city of Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand / Uttranchal which is the headquarter of the Dehradun district.

Worth seeing places over here are good in numbers which are charming – the most. Let me brief you….

malsi-deer-park dehradun
Malsi Deer Park (Image source: indiatoursntravels.com)

Malsi Deer Park

At the foothills of the Shivalik Range, a charming developed tourist spot Malsi Deer Park lies which is en route to Mussoorie and 10 km. away from Dehradun Railway Station probably. Enveloped by beautiful natural surroundings it’s a small zoological park cum children’s park. Even it’s an ideal picnic cum sightseeing spot along with the availability of refreshments and attractive environs. Must visit once reach.

Robber’s Cave Dehradun
Robber’s Cave (Image source: transindiatravels.com)

Robber’s Cave

This area is well known as Guchhu Pani which is almost 8 km. away from the city bus stand and an ideal place for picnic and thrills. It is only 1 km trek from the Anarwala Village up to where local bus services are available.

Clock Tower (Image source: hotelhimalayan.co.in)

Clock Tower

It remains as an icon of the downtown area of Dehradun which was built in the British Era by The Britishers. It’s one of the famous sightseeing at Dehradun.

shri-guru-ram-rai gurudwara dehradum
Guru Ram Rai Darbar (Image source: justdial.com)

Guru Ram Rai Darbar

It is in the Jhanda Mohalla [a locality]. It was built by Guru Ram Rai who was the son of the 7th of the 10th Sikh Guru – Guru Har Rai. From the nearby state of Punjab, it attracts many Sikh Pilgrims where entry is free for both Sikhs and Non-Sikhs.

the-mindrolling-monastery- dehradun
Mindroling Monastery (Image source: rgyan.com)

Mindroling Monastery

It is located in the Clement Town area of Dehradun. It is too known as Tibetan Monastery area. On October 28th – 2002 the Stupa in the Monastery was inaugurated for the world peace. This Stupa is called Great Stupa which is 185 feet tall and 100 square feet in width. It is one of the world’s largest Stupas according to its dimensions which is an amazing instance of Buddhist architecture and art. This magnificent Stupa is surrounded by 2 acres of lush greenery.

tapkeshwar-temple dehradun

Tapkeshwar Temple  (Image source: tripadvisor.in)

Tapkeshwara, Laxman Siddh, and Santala Temples

There are few Hindu temples located here too. One can visit if one wants to. All these are ancient and located between 12 to 15 km. from Dehradun bus stand or railway.

Tapkeshwar has got its name due to the continuous falling of water droplets and is located on the banks of a rivulet at Garhi Cantt. Where Laxman Siddh holds a belief of a sage who underwent penance here. Lastly, the Santala Temple symbolizes cultural folk. It is said that during a fight with the Mughal army a lady by the name of Santala Devi along with his brother were transformed into stones according to sayings.

Now it’s time to move upwards to the hill. Yes….

At an altitude of 6000 ft (2000 mts.) Mussoorie is located at a distance of  35 km. from Dehradun containing varied flora and fauna and green hills. It’s an amazing hill resort with an awesome couple spot. It commands an extraordinary view of extensive Himalayan snow ranges to the northeast and alluring views of the Doon Valley. This amazing town presents an atmosphere of Utopia for the visitors. It is full of scenic beauty. Mussoorie is renowned for its enormous scenario.

Now it’s time to describe the wonderful sightseeing of this alluring place. Let’s move in short….

Jharipani-Falls mussoorie
Jharipani Falls (Image source: goodguysblog.com)

Jharipani Falls

This is 8.5 km. from Mussoorie. Vehicle roads are the well-accessible pathway to reach here from where a trek of 1.5 km. starts to step towards Jharipani Fall. If you will reach here then for sure you will come to know that it’s awe-inspiring.

bhatta-falls mussoorie
Bhatta Falls (Image source: euttaranchal.com)

Bhatta Falls

It lies in Bhatta Village which is 7 km. from Mussoorie on Mussoorie – Dehradun road. This area is accessible by motorable roads from where a trek of 3 km. starts to witness the stimulating Bhatta Falls.

Cloud’s End (Image source: makemytrip.com)

Cloud’s End

It lies extremely West of  Mussoorie Situated 8 km. from the Mussoorie Library. With verdant surroundings, it holds a peaceful and calm environment.

Lal Tibba (Image source: holidayiq.com)

Lal Tibba

Worth visiting but take care of the timings. Must reach before sun settles down. This Lal Tibba is situated in the Landour area which is the oldest inhabited place in Mussoorie.

Camel’s Back Road (Image source: euttaranchal.com)

Camel’s Back Road

Here comes another very interesting place and it’s CBR. To reach here you will have to begin from the Rink at Kulri Bazar then terminate at Library Bazar which has a stretching up to 4 km. Camel’s Back Road provide a mesmerizing scenario, a majestic view of the sunset and a vibrant resemblance of a sitting camel. Don’t believe me…??? Then go and have a scene. Glory be to God.

Mall Road Mussoorie (Image source: flickr.com)

Mall Road

This is one of the most crowded places of Mussoorie just like the Mall Road of Shimla and many others. When you will step here it will take you back to the Colonial Era of The British. You will find numerous restaurants, hotels, and shops on this road. Even the 100 years old Methodist Church is situated here on the Mall.

Gun Hill (Image source: euttaranchal.com)

Gun Hill

The 2nd highest peak of Mussoorie which is situated 400mts. above the Mall Road. It is set at an elevation of 2122 mts. sea level. It can be reached by the Ropeway where one will witness the beautiful panoramic view of the mighty Himalayan ranges and the Doon Valley of course.

Lake Mist Mussoorie
Lake Mist (Image source: holidify.com)

Lake Mist

It is also known as the lake of boats as one can enjoy boating on this lake. It’s a newly developed area which holds scenic spots and with good accommodation and restaurants facilities. Lake mist is located 10 km. from Mussoorie and 5 km. from Kempty Fall.

Kempty Fall (Image source: haridwarrishikeshtourism.com)

Kempty Fall

Although this is worth watching. Hope you will enjoy reaching over here as it is surrounded by high green mountains. The mesmerizing fall will attract your core. It is situated on Chakrata road 15 km. from Mussoorie.

Dhanaulti (Image source: uttarakhandtourism.gov.in)


Wanna be in woods. This is the perfect place for you. It’s 25 km. from Mussoorie. Dhanaulti offers an environment of perfect tranquility and peace as it crowded with thick Alpine forest of Deodar, Oak, and Rhododendron. It’s worth visiting.

Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy (lbsnaa) mussoorie
Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy (Image source: lbsnaa.gov.in)


This is called Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration which was established in the year of 1959 at Mussoorie for imparting training to the members of All India Services and Central Services [Group A] through a common foundation course. It also provides professional training to the regular recruits of the Indian Administrative Service [IAS]. My younger brother is an aspirant of IAS and he is preparing for it right now. He is a young charming dedicated student. I know he will make it God Willingly. Please pray for him.

There are few more places worth knowing in the department of education at Mussoorie. Many of you Oo! The Readers might be holding the Alma mater of these institutions like Woodstock School and St. George, including these. I will write about a few more as a personal experience of mine at “nostalgia” Dehradun and Mussoorie when I visited there in my next blog: ‘Diaries of Mussoorie.’ God Willingly. Thrills are awaited.

Means of Transportation for Dehradun and Mussoorie:-

By Road: It is well connected to all important Towns and major destinations.

By Rail: It is well connected with the major cities of India. The nearest Railway station is Dehradun Railway Station.

By Air: To reach Mussoorie and Dehradun, the Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest one situated 60 kms. Mussoorie.

Staying Facilities:- There are many hotels and lodges to suit every budget besides the tourist rent house [GMVN]. For instance – Saraswati Hotel at Kulri Bazar. It’s cheap and the Best as I stayed there only. It was 500 Indian rupees per night irrespective of the number of members to stay. They might tell you 600 but if you will convince them that you are an old facility holder of the same hotel and can manage to claim directly that the owner can even check the old records. Then they will give you a discount unless they get convinced and no one has that much time to check the records. Just go for 500 Indian Rupees.

Good luck.


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