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Recommended Hotels in Genting Highlands, Malaysia You Must Visit

Genting Highlands is located at the top of Mount Ali, 35 km from Kuala Lumpur’s city center. This area is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia and offers many hotels in Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands is located at an altitude of 1,865 meters above sea level, so if you are going to visit this location, you must bring your vehicle. Of course, this location has an area of ​​about 19,000 square meters, and you should set aside a whole day to visit every vehicle in Genting Highlands.

In addition, because Genting is a mountainous area that is prone to be shrouded in the fog between midday and late afternoon, by arriving early, you have a greater chance to enjoy the view from the top of the gondola without being blocked by fog.

Apart from the cable car ride called Awana Skyway, it would be best if you didn’t miss playing in the theme park Skytropolis, shopping for branded items which at certain moments often give discount prices, taking selfies at the Chin Swee temple, and other exciting activities.

For stomach matters, you don’t need to worry because, in the Genting area, there are lots of food courts with a diverse menu. You also have to pay attention because not all food sold is labeled halal.

If you want to visit this location, of course, there are many options to stay in the Genting Highlands area:

First World Hotel

This hotel may look very striking with its two giant, colorful buildings. Resorts World Genting – First World Hotel provides 6,118 rooms, making it the largest hotel in Genting Resort. This hotel is divided into three types in these notes: Deluxe, Superior, and World Club.

Regardless of the various types, the facilities offered are different for each type of room. This hotel is also equipped with a fan, television, and bathroom. In addition, there are also other facilities such as a reasonably large cafe and the World Club Lounge.

And the rooms themselves are designed to face an outdoor playground, and First World Hotel is located above First World’s Plaza, which allows you to shop and enjoy the garden for family recreation.

Awana Hotel

The hotel is located 4 km before the summit of Genting Highlands. This hotel is known as a hotel with Awana Golf and Country Resort. This place also provides 413 guest rooms and several blocks house several studio-type apartment units.

This hotel also has a large area specifically for visitors who love sports, especially golf lovers, because this place offers a golf course, sports field, fitness center, and other parks to do sports activities.

Theme Park Hotel

The hotel is adjacent to the Genting Highlands outdoor playground. This hotel is the first hotel to open in the Genting Highlands area, which provides as many as 448 large and beautiful guest rooms with views of the city of Kuala Lumpur and the forest.

Theme Park Hotel is designed like a playground with colorful pictures that are pretty interesting. So don’t be surprised if this hotel is a favorite hotel for visitors who are married, because this hotel is very popular with children and is one of the famous accommodation places for family vacations.

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