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Cairo: Unveil the Necropolis till Vibrant

Cairo, a city ruled by the Turks to the British got settled in 969 AD still a greenhorn if compared to its own 4,500-year-old pyramids built across the Nile River. A very fluctuant history it holds. It was captured by the Ottomans and the British Empire along with this, Cairo itself witnessed many revolutions which changed the direction of Egypt. Even the new-age history of Cairo and the region will soon be in the display section of the Grand Egypt Museum according to the news, I have read. I don’t know whether it got started yet or not as it was scheduled to be open soon. This museum got built just two kilometers away from the great pyramids. Natives are excited to experience their past and share the heritage of ancient Egyptian civilization with their guest tourists.

The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid of Giza

A local guide in Cairo, Syyed Abdel Razzaq by name feels that for the first time in his life, he will see some amazing artworks. The heritage that was earlier kept in the store will be in the display section at the museum. He even says, “People like me are waiting for the museum to open and this will increase the tourism of Egypt which will help in the country’s economy.”

Sayyed Abdel Razzaq and the other local residents feel that through the new museum, Cairo will have a golden opportunity to present itself anew to the world. Tourism in the city has declined since the Egyptian revolution took place that ousted Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Well, apart from the museum, Egyptians are eager too to share their views that why tourists should come to Al-Qāhirah (Cairo city).

Reasons to like Al-Qāhirah

More than 2 crore people live in the metro area of ​​Cairo. Even an American writer Lauren K. Clarke has been living in the city since 2010. He says that there is hidden energy in this city, which comes from its different cultures, social classes, and natural environment. Every part of the city has its own specialty, its culture.

Says Lauren: “There is a modern energetic club side. There are rural and lush green pasture areas. You can feel the ancient times by visiting some areas. Cairo has kept them all intact. This is the magic of this city.”

Australian blogger Dana Hushmond believes that there is a special kind of adventure in the Fiza of the city. He says: “As you step out of the house in Cairo, you are confronted by thousands of vehicles that move like ants crawling around each other. Hundreds of horns are heard simultaneously and in the midst of traffic, some people sell bread with baskets on their heads and a donkey cart is found carrying garbage. It’s a wonderful sight. You cannot do anything in it, but you feel that you are alive.”

Egyptian Koshari
Egyptian Koshari (Image Source: flickr.com)

Eating and drinking environment in Cairo got changed after the opening of new restaurants after 2011. Sayyed Abdel Razzaq, (a local guide) says that some restaurants have global flavors, while others have traditional flavors. Koshari is the national food of Egypt, which consists of spicy pulses, aromatic rice, chickpeas, roasted onions, and macaroni. It is eaten by adding vinegar tomato sauce over it.

An American writer Lauren K. Clarke advises tourists to go to Maadi. It is the southern suburb of Cairo, with restaurants open on both sides of No.9 Street. These restaurants offer everything from Sushi (Egyptian Food) to Egyptian local street food items.

How about living in Cairo?

A native of the city says that anyone coming to Cairo should be prepared for its hustle and bustle schedule. New infrastructure and development projects are extensive and this may cause some delay in reaching the destination, but there is no shortage of alternative routes to roam around the city.

“I love the transportation here. I can take a taxi, bus, tuk-tuk, train or Uber just by my hand’s sign,” says American writer Clark.

Moving to Cairo is also cheaper as the monthly traffic cost is 250% cheaper than in London. The people of Cairo recommend living life comfortably because things cannot always go according to plan sometimes.

Clarke says: “If you work in one direction thinking of a fixed schedule or a certain structure of the organization, you will be disappointed. Cairo teaches you to walk along the stream and enjoy the lessons along the way.”

Linguistically, the Arabic language will be a great help for the Tourists there and especially the Arabic of Egyptian Dialect.

Australian Dana Hushmond says: “Cairo is a cosmopolitan city so you can work in English as well. But if you know Arabic, you will enjoy it a lot.”

More of Monuments at Cairo to witness

Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque (Image Source: memphistours.com)

The Al-Azhar Mosque of Cairo was built in 972 AD. Roman towers still stand in the Coptic (Orthodox Church) part of the city. Early Christian art is seen in the churches here. Natives here, who cherish the past, want respect for their presence too.

American writer Clarke says: “People in Cairo and all over Egypt present positive and healthy images about their country to the world and they compete, raise their own level and want to show their ability to return globally.”

The Government has created an ambitious project to relocate the capital 45 km east of Cairo and this region is known as the new administrative capital.

I believe they too have stepped much further to develop cashless payments and parks and a green city with plenty of greenery in it for a spread of 700 square kilometers. Although in the very beginning, lack of money seemed to be a big hurdle for these projects. I wish for much optimism now.

What else should a visitor know about Cairo?

After the 2011 turmoil, new challenges have emerged, especially in the economy.

After the revolution, the inflation rate exploded. One US dollar was equal to 5.7 pounds to Egypt in 2010, which increased to 15.64 pounds in 2020. And this is the current rate i.e. March-7th, 2020; the day I am writing this article for my Blog.

Since then the situation has improved slightly so the price of one US dollar is equal to about 16 Egyptian Pounds approximately. Local Guide- Syyed Abdel Razzaq says that the economy is doing much better especially the tourism is now coming back.

People are honest about the challenges faced by the city. Egyptians are vocal about the problems and they believe that the country will perform much better onwards, God Willingly.

Australian blogger- Dana Hushmond says: “The Natives think that the future can be brighter if there are systemic changes and then Egypt might achieve even greater heights than in the past.”

If you have some plan in your mind to carry out, I wish you an enthusiastic and anew learning trip O, Readers!

Source: BBC Travel


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