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Coronavirus: No need to be afraid of but be careful

The outbreak of Coronavirus spread in China feared other countries including Italy, Spain, the USA & India. An alert has been issued in India regarding this. According to experts, the symptoms of the coronavirus are similar to the symptoms of the infection of common flu-like cough and colds, so it is difficult to get detected easily. 

What is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus?

According to America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus is a group of viruses of a particular type found in animals. According to a virologist of Nottingham University– Jonathan Ball, it is very much possible that it has passed from animals to humans. The Coronavirus is one of the 6 most dangerous viruses found to date. In the beginning, it is not even known that, when a person has been infected with this virus. And this comes into knowledge only when the situation becomes serious. 

How the virus spreads within humans?

Humans coming in contact with animals get infected by this virus generally, but other humans can also be infected by infected humans, so it is more dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus can also be spread by the infected patient’s cough and cold and shaking hands as well.

What are the symptoms of this virus?

Its symptoms are usually the same as the symptoms of a cough and cold, such as a swollen throat, cough, headache with a high fever from so many days and breathlessness for several days. But don’t get panic as soon as these symptoms occur. Just be alert and conscious. But if the symptoms are acute, then you should consult a good expert.

What is the treatment for this?

patients suffering from coronavirus
A medical worker treats patients suffering from coronavirus (Image Source: REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo)

No treatment has been found yet, nor is there any vaccine available for it, so doctors use other essential medicines in its treatment only on the basis of its symptoms. Researchers are still working on its vaccine to make it clear.

Not all Coronaviruses are fatal…

This is not a new virus at all.  It was first discovered in the 1960s. Coronaviruses are of many types and most are not fatal but Middle East Respiratory System [M.E.R.S] showed one of its kind for the first time in the major lethal form in 2012 when Saudi Arabia along with the people of other neighboring countries got killed 858 in numbers by that virus. In the year of 2003, 774 people died due to another of its kind- SARS. The virus that has spread in China now is of a new type, named 2019-nCoV.

What to do in case of an infection?

Try those remedies that are used during the normal flu such as- get enough rest and drink lots of fluid-like lukewarm water, tea, soup, green tea, etc.. Take medicines in case of the swollen throat and high fever. But avoid Aspirin especially it must be avoided completely by the people under 19.

How to get uninfected?

At present, the way to avoid the Coronavirus is what we adopt in the case of normal flu. That is, people must avoid coming in the direct contact of Corona patients and their eyes, nose, mouth, and hands must not get touched. Refrain touching your eyes, nose, and mouth directly with your naked hands or unsterilized fingers. Eye, nose, and mouth must be touched only after washing hands with soap and lukewarm water together. Use a sanitizer in case of unwashed hands.  If you are infected then stay at home but better get a hospital as it’s unavoidable. Especially refrain visiting/going to crowded areas and cover your mouth completely while coughing or sneezing so that the infection does not spread to others.

Afraid of Coronavirus outbreak, want to cancel a Tour?

 Times Square,  New York City
Times Square, New York City, U.S (Image Source: REUTERS/Jeenah Moon)

It depends upon whether one has purchased a refundable ticket or not… and for this, One has to go for the Policy- Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR). These days, this Policy is being sold on a large scale. For this CFAR, one must note that this Policy should be purchased a week or 2 before, since the time he/she booked the trip to get benefitted by this Policy as this holds 75% of the traveler’s costs as it recovers most of the initial cost. Manhattan (New York City) doesn’t allow the Policy to be purchased by the local residents.

Corona outbreak, want to reschedule the booked flight?

To avoid traveling during the virus outbreak or just want to reschedule, then a few airlines are there like- Frontier, Delta, American, JetBlue, and United to change cost for the purchased flights between specific dates. But if you stand outside the category, then still you can get a break if you are polite enough to brief your situation; if and only if you ask the Customer Service Agent of Airlines. Don’t be shy or in a doubt in asking as they are there to help you out only.

Flying…? Aren’t you breathing in the air recycled…?

While on the flight, the air surrounded to breathe is quite clean as it gets into circulation through HEPA Air Filters. So, undoubtedly one can breathe in as the filters are much better in clearing the very stuff which holds pollution, out God Willingly. The air in the Craft is of much better quality in comparison to the outer environment. The filter must be changed regularly otherwise the dust lot can damage the engine of craft which may turn into bad.

Which is of more risk- the domestic or the international voyage?

health worker checks a man's temperature at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Duhok, Iraq
A health worker checks a man’s temperature at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Duhok, Iraq (Image source: Ari Jalal/Reuters)

Well, it depends upon the situation. The Epidemiologist states that it’s better if we refrain from traveling internationally. Especially those countries which are on the avoid list of “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” i.e. China, Italy, Iran, England, Europe, America, Korea.

So, it means- domestic traveling is all right..? No, a big No. The virus is being transmitted as it’s communicable. The infection rise is extremely high. Who knows, who had a traveling from where to where especially which is on off-record yet. Person to person, whether white or black, Europe to Asia. So, we don’t know who is sitting next to us in our domestic travel is infected or not. I hope you got the point.

But yes, it’s not that much risk in comparison to travel abroad. But still, prevention is better than cure and Death has timing and it’s confirmed. One will taste it definitely one day. So, don’t die internally before death. Else, one might get into depression which is again dangerous.

Corona, not an airborne!

A deserted Trafalgar Square
A deserted Trafalgar Square as the spread of the coronavirus disease continues, in London (Image Source: REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

The virus is transmitted through mucus fluid when sneeze or cough. And even don’t go further more than 6 feet, so can’t harm generally but if the fluid particles spread or drop on the surface either and get touched later then it’s a dangerous situation. That’s why nose masks and sanitizers are highly recommended. That fluid that got emitted while sneezing or coughing might spread or get in contact with the luggage surface or the surface of hands, shirts, pillars, seat belts, chairs, spectacles or on any object. We still don’t have any information that how long that virus fluid particles survive on the surface? It’s good to be cautious. So, wash hands frequently or use sanitizer, sneeze by covering your nose either by a handkerchief or an elbow and don’t touch your mouth and eyes directly without getting sterilized. And minimize sick person contact. 60% of alcoholic sanitizer is fit for use. A hygienic hand is one of the good solutions as well as a good immune system; along with this ask for the protection from the Almighty God. Indeed, our Creator is oft forgiving and most merciful. Help yourself out and others too.


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