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Arctic Bear: Hyper – carnivorous Crisis

Due to lack of food in the snow, the father bear started eating his own family and chewed the bones of his innocent children bear.

Horrific….? No, a truth rather. Neither a fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears nor the horror story of Evil Dead but……. The cannibalism of hyper-carnivorous hunter: Polar Bear

Polar bears have had the worst impact on the environment due to climate change.  These white-colored bears live in Polar Regions, but now there is a shortage of food for them. The problem of climate change is the rapid melting of snow. Due to this, there is a shortage of food for these bears.

How…..? Will brief.  

Because of this climate change, these bears have started eating their own children.  These bears are also killing female bears. Anyone who is hearing about it is surprised because the tendency to eat and kill their children is rarely seen in animals of any species.

What did the Polar Bear expert Mordvintsev say…?

 starving polar bear
A starving bear searching for food (Image Source: bbc.com)

Mordvintsev, a Russian Scientist says that Polar bears have a tendency to eat their children and female bears long back. Whenever there is a shortage of food, these bears grow up on their children and female bears as well. They kill them and eat them up. These are their very easy targets. Common people are shocked to know this, but when there is a shortage of food, the female bear eats even her children.

Mordvintsev said that the tendency to eat his own family members is very old in Polar Bears but earlier where such incidents used to happen occasionally, now a lot has started happening. This is certainly a matter of concern.

Polar bears’ hunt plays in Sea…

Polar bears often hunt seals at sea and eat them. They use sea ice to hunt seals but due to the rise in temperature, the snow is melting rapidly and it is difficult to hunt polar bears. So for survival, they have to kill their own children.

People’s activities are affecting a lot…

A polar bear carries the head of a polar bear cub
A polar bear carries the head of a polar bear cub (Image Source: REUTERS/Iain Williams)

Increased activities of the people in their habitat are one of the big reasons for such behavior of Polar bears. Fossil fuel is now being extracted on a large scale in areas where Polar bears live. In the sea areas where the Polar bears hunt and filled their stomachs, large ships filled with liquid natural gas used to come and this has created a food crisis for polar bears therefore. A recent study has shown that Polar bears suppress their prey in the snow so that the leftover can be eaten when needed. But with the rapid melting of snow, bears find it difficult to do so now. Therefore, eating their own children and female bears has become their compulsion.


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