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Things to do in Osaka

Osaka, one of the most populated cities of Japan is considered a melting pot of culture. People from around the globe visit the city which was one of the most happening places in the 7th century Ad from the architectural point of view. In case you are visiting Osaka, you can avail different options of flights from Cathay Pacific. Let’s see some of the places which are considered a great attraction for tourists.

Visiting Osaka Castle

Osaka castle is one of the best-known attractions of the city best known for being surrounded by cherry blossom in season. The castle was constructed in 1931 and is known for the alluring citadels, gates, turrets, and a moat around the Nishinomaru garden.

Shitennoji Temple

Visit the Shitennoji temple which is the oldest in the town built by Emperor Suiko in the year 593. The temple is furnished with a 5 storied pagoda sheltering the enshrined body of Prince Shotoku. Japan is a land of temples and you will find over 2000 shrines in this land. If you are fond of history then Osaka will mesmerize you like anything.

Visiting Science Museum

If you are accompanied by your children, you must take them to the Science museum having floors of interactive activities apart from cinemas and planetarium. In case you are interested to know the history of the city then visit the Museum of History. You will see several ancient exhibits right from the period when Osaka used to be the capital of Japan. The Osaka aquarium is the most spectacular thing that displays various forms of aquatic life.

Enjoying the Nightlife

Osaka is an awesome place if you want to ruin yourself with food. You will see and feel some sort of ‘concept food’ that includes the DIY category and also the most coveted food of the era, sushi. Try a chance in a restaurant for a food named Okonomiyaki, where the tables will be equipped with hot plates and the food will arrive after a gap and is ready to be cooked. Try ‘Battera’ which is a block-type sushi dish featuring Mackerel and rice. Never fail a chance to try the Kushikatsu- a combination skewers of meat and vegetable this is dipped into the black sauce.

Getting Around the City

The city is a flat area and there are loads of attractions here. You can happily cycle around the sidewalks; there are no remarkable markings everywhere in the city but you can still keep to the left. Osaka subway happens to be the second most expensive network and you have several options of getting around the city.

The best time to visit Osaka in March –April. Most travelers visit the place during this time and enjoy across all the cherry blossom spots like mount Yoshino, Himeji castle, Daisen Park, Kiimidera temple, Akashi park, and many more. Enjoy places, food and adore the natural beauty with your camera. There is no place so beautiful and serene as Osaka, Japan.


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