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Death Valley California | A Close Glimpse to This Hottest and Driest Place

If you want to experience extreme geographical conditions, Death Valley California must be on your bucket list. It is the driest, hottest, and lowest National park in the United States of America. At first sight, the landscapes of California give you a glimpse of an alien planet. In its record-breaking high temperature, you will barely be able to see any greenery. In August 2020, the residents of this place experienced the highest temperature on earth. It was 54.4 degrees celsius that broke all previous records. Let’s gain our knowledge about this dessert area beating the hotness of Middle-East countries too. 

What people have to say about death valley CA

Nobody can tell you the ground reality of death valley better than its residents. Despite covering the massive landmass of 3,000 square miles, only 320 people are living in the harsh graphical conditions of creek death valley. Since 2010, a drastic decline in population by 28.1 % has been seen. You will most likely find people working for government departments in this extremely hot location. 

Brandi, living in Death Valley for 5 years, is appointed in the communication department of this National park. “It feels extremely hot here but you will not feel any sweat on your skin because it quickly evaporates due to high temperature.”

During the summer season, people usually spend their time inside their homes only. However, some adventure enthusiasts also prefer hilly regions where the temperature remains slightly lower. 

“Once you become used to it, things gradually go normal. Right now, I start feeling cold when the temperature goes below 26 degrees celsius here”. she added. 

A Normal Day in Death Valley America

The daily life routine of native residents in the death valley is way different than other regions of the country. People have to take special precautions while going outside on hot days. Using satellite phones as backup is very common at this location because poor cell phone networks may create big troubles in emergency situations. become dangerous during the summer season. Flat tires and engine breakdown are among the biggest fears of people here because high temperatures cause several vehicles to malfunction. 

Ideal Places to Stay Near Death Valley

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to witness the unearthly landscapes of Death Valley. If you are visiting here for adventure purposes, it is important to make a list of places for a comfortable stay. We are enlisting some resorts and hotels for your convenience:- 

  • The Ranch At Death Valley 
  • Stovepipes Wells Village Hotel
  • The Oasis 
  • The Inn 
  • Villa Anita DV
  • Longstreet Inn Casino & RV Resort 

These hotels in Death Valley CA are known for the best services and comfort in all weather conditions. 

Talking about the tourist attractions, Badwater Basin, The Racetrack, Zabriskie Point, Artist’s Drive, and Artist’s Palette, and Harmony Borax Works are some places to visit. However, do some research on the weather forecast and emergency backup options before heading as a tourist. 

Source: BBC Travel


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