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Few Most Awaited Best Countries to Live…!

In the previous part of this blog (Ever wondered the Best countries to Live in), we have mentioned a list of the top 6 best places to live in the world. Ironically, we have even mentioned that a human tendency exists were, whatever a person gets or goes but no rest. However, Denmark in Scandinavia, New Zealand in Oceania, and Canada in Northern America displayed the feathers of its cap. These stood out as the best countries to live in the future. Now few most awaited best countries to live are still standing in a queue of 6 best places to live.

Today, we will discuss Botswana, Japan, and Chile. These countries can be one’s utopia and can be the best countries to live in with family. Let’s restart our voyage for the countries equipped with the best quality of life in 2022….!

Let’s move to Botswana: One of the best countries to live…!

According to the world theory, the African continent is considered to be one of the most backward pieces of land. Despite this, a country by the name Botswana of this continent stands on top in regards to each and every progressive parameter of human life. Life culture and standards are awesome here. Citizens feel themselves on cloud nine. They have been provided with superior amenities in their life.

The government takes care of its citizen very well. Even the law in Botswana tackles the rogues here, strictly and at best. Every year the security troop enhances here in Botswana for its citizens. Yes, there was a time around the 90s when the whole of Botswana was under anarchy. Many of the government officials were corrupt. Finally, the Government itself created an Economical Crime Directorate and an Anti-Corruption Directorate to dwindle that situation of anarchy. They had been given the only duty to imprison the corrupt officials and politicians at once.

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Do you know that officially the revenue of diamond business here is being divided equally amongst its citizens? Public and media have no direct or any indirect pressure in Botswana. They are free up to their frequency. Batswana are neither in favor of doing their work secretly nor gossiping secretly. They really don’t like it. Here in Botswana, health has been given primary importance. That’s why even a primary medical unit is available in every village with a 500 or 500+ population. They are even ready to tackle diseases like AIDS.

Botswana earns huge revenue through tourism itself and spends a big portion of it on the conservation of nature. Dear Readers, you can think of this beautiful and one of the best countries to live in the future.

Awaited Japan: Country with the best quality of life…!

Seeking for a country with the best quality of life… the journey might end in Japan. In the Asian continent, Japan is considered to hold the tag of best progressiveness. This country has much better living standards and amenities in comparison to many of the Western World Countries. Every citizen of Japan follows the laws, honestly here.

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Japanese educational institutes are far excellent and the Government of Japan manages every Japanese educational procedure. People here are very hygienic and love cleanliness a lot. Moreover, the government laws come into force or made either only by considering the convenience of the Japanese. Although the medical facilities are quite expensive in Japan as it depends upon the earnings of people, however, sick won’t get looted here if he/she approaches a doctor. Wasn’t it amazing? So, this country can be one of the countries with the best quality of life in 2022. Hurry up..!

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Don’t miss Chile: One of the best countries to move….!

Finally, land in Latin America comes and it’s none other than Chile which is way different in comparison to its all neighboring Latin American Countries. Here, schools and colleges are way better and the Government fulfills the basic education of its citizens for free. The government even takes full care of every citizen. Chile’s Government is the best anti-corruption government in the whole of Latin America.

A citizen by the name of Peter Murphy Lewis, who got settled here from the United States, exclaimed in an international article that opening a self-venture or establishing a business either is pretty easy in Chile. Yes, in the beginning, one might find it a bit difficult due to the bureaucracy unless the required documents are available or are strong either. If the required documents are available then within a couple of weeks a person might easily get an approval of establishing a business or starting a venture in Chile.

Chile does have an extraordinary road and electricity system all around the country. Especially the highways are fabulous. One can get way better medical facilities at the cheapest. Santiago, the capital of Chile has the world’s biggest metropolitan park. This urban park is sprawled across 1780 hectares.

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Chileans however shy in meeting outsiders, but they aren’t introverts. So this can be a bothering point if any reader of this blog is planning to get settled over there. However, Chile holds the tag of 6 Best places to live in the world. Eventually, Chile can be the best country to live in with family.

Dear readers, now I am done with the listing of the Best countries to live in the world according to the international surveys. You can even refer to my previous blog (Ever wondered the Best countries to Live in) on the same topic. Hopefully, you can decide now on the best countries to move. And let me remind you once again that the peace of heart lies in the remembrance of God Almighty. Take care…!


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