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Marrakech: A Jewel of Africa

Well, there is a long list of explorations in the Dark Continent but as usual diamonds always shines in coal. Yes, I am talking about one of the diamonds, one of the jewels and that’s Morocco. This piece of land has lots of things for any sort of traveler. Don’t believe it…? Let’s form a picturesque view after reading this blog. You will automatically get to know surprisingly.

Let’s start with weather fluctuation

Marrakech city offers the warmth of winter and at the same time, the coastal area of Morocco gets chilled amazingly. Spring season is recommended to be the best season to visit Morocco. Along with the juggling weather phenomena, you can even get yourself closer to the Marrakech Culture by staying in a local homestay if possible. That will be exciting too. You can even enjoy domestic Argan Oil products processed by womenfolk.  

I think, here you can enjoy your best for sure…..

The Marrakech city is reddish in color due to red surrounded thick walls. In Arabic, the city is called Medina. Since the end of the 1960s, this piece of land got famous on the geo tourist map. Therefore became popular for arts, cuisines and winter warmth and what not…..? Moreover, Riad of Morocco is a wonderful place to enjoy its tradition, heritage, culture, history, cuisines and its art sense. It’s an all-rounder city and there is no doubt. Along with this, you can even hear Arabic and French have highly spoken over here and good English as well.

Despite being a busy and enthusiastic tourist destination and before you plan to visit this alluring place let me brief you some beneficial tips to enjoy the surroundings there at your level best.

Djemma el – Fna
A horse and carriage drive through a sunny Djemaa El Fna square © Alberto Manuel Urosa Toledano / Moment Editorial / Getty Images

Food and Lodging: Approximately 1500 Riads, Guesthouses, and hotels are available in Marrakech where luxury stays are located outside the city of Marrakech. But the medina is completely enveloped by rich Moroccan tradition with the availability of smaller guest houses. It consists of the cultural touch and glimpse of heritage which will make you feel nostalgic when you leave the land. This place will suit your pocket. Well, the northern area of the city is less crowded and relaxed. It is hassle-free and a good number of restaurants are available along with Djemma el – Fna which is a renowned market place in the old city of Marrakech’s Medina. Well, unfortunately, you may not find a soothing and relaxing resort pool to dive in because of the desert climate where water is pretty valuable. I believe you can even enjoy it there without diving in the water. Isn’t it…? But sure you can enjoy Marrakech Riads like Al – Masirah, Marhbabikoum and L’Orangeraie and of course many small houses to stay where you can get served local and organic food items to eat.

Jnane Tamsna Villa – Marrakech – Morocco
Jnane Tamsna Villa (Image source: invillas.com)

Enjoy the cooling: Well, due to the desert climate you may not find the cool water splashes to get a dip in as water holds a value here but yeah, you enjoy the pool at Janane Tamsna outside the city in the sunny summer. Here you can enjoy the fresh air with 5 water pools along with art galleries, growing trades, gardens, and organic food items.

Bahia Palace
Image by Chris Griffiths Lonely Planet Bahia Palace

Cultural Marrakech: Along with fine dining, shops and sunbath you can even witness the rich culture and tradition in plenty. This land has a 1000 years old cultural heritage i.e. since the 11th century. Here you can start your morning with Bahia Palace where you can enjoy its carved wooden doorways, shining orange orchids in sun and beautiful gardens of Saint Laurent at Jardin Marjorelle.

Shopping Experience Marrakech
Image source: tripadvisor.com

Shop at best: In the city of Marrakech, you can find more than 3000 shops where you will get the best quality, locally manufactured or processed items. Your interest towards their goods can become a big support for their local business which provides genuine products only. Moreover, you can visit Al – Nour venture which is helping the handicapped Moroccan women folk by making their arts live. This Artisanale des Femmes de Marrakech is quite popular there. Your interest towards them can support them higher. Simultaneously Argan Oil is an immense flourished industry there that holds its root from Berber Tribe of the land. The Argan Oil industries produce anti-aging world cosmetic products at a high price. This oil extracted from Argan nuts coming from the fruits of the Argan tree. These trees also prevent soil erosion and let not convert the southwest area of Morocco into a desert area. However, the UNESCO plays a vital role in prevents deforestation possibly of these trees for wood fire by locals unwillingly. Therefore it uplifts the fair trade of the Argan industries with better employments being provided to women folk here. And even the folk too are conscious about the soil erosion, deforestation and of course their one of the source of employment educating their fellow locals about the importance of these trees. The products may be charged high but are genuine undoubtedly. So be happy end enjoy the market square of Jemma el – Fna.

Traditional Moroccan musicians perform at the Oasis Festival in Marrakech
Traditional Moroccan musicians perform at the Oasis Festival in Marrakech (Vlad Solovov)

Modesty in Textile: Medina, despite being cosmopolitan, it highly enjoins and appreciates modest dresses. Moreover, the covering of the knees and shoulders are highly appreciated. Well, we all should have high respect for such modesty. I personally believe that it makes one feel royal always.

So, plan at best and enjoy the rest…..!


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