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Which USA Cities Are Reopened For Travel?

As the number of vaccinated people is increasing around the world, many places are opening to travel. The people who have spent a year looking at their house walls are now craving to see mountains and beaches. This has increased the bookings of flights like non stop flights from USA to India drastically. The USA is no exception in easing travel restrictions. With the ongoing full-speed vaccination process, the country is opening its gates for post-pandemic travels.

Planning a post-pandemic trip to the USA. And confused about the places with less or no travel restrictions? Well, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you our top pick of US cities that are open for travel. Helping you make your plans accordingly.

Let’s know the top cities in the US that are open for post-pandemic travels

Los Angeles, California

After slowly making its way back from the pandemic, Los Angeles is all set to welcome new travelers. With the decrease in pollution, the city seems more beautiful than ever. From, June 15, Los Angeles will be open for travel with no restrictions almost, says the Mayor. If you are traveling with your family and worried about the social distancing norms then congratulations. Because the people traveling to LA don’t have to follow social distancing and capacity limitation norms at all.

Got fully vaccinated? Voila, you don’t have to wear masks in LA. Although partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people are still supposed to wear them. Destinations like Disney Land have started the process of opening up again with new COVID-19 precaution plans.

Take direct flights to India from the USA to visit this amazing country.

Chicago, Illinois

Earlier Chicago was following a critical set of Covid-19 restrictions. That included Covid-19 testing and quarantine for a few days for travelers coming from other affected places. But, from the 6th of July 2021, everything is going to change. You won’t need to take a test or quarantine on visiting the city. Making it a perfect destination for a post-pandemic trip.

With the downside of the Covid-19 virus, Chicago has opened up again. The new normal includes opening of schools, bars, public transportations, and healthcare services. If you are a travel bug, then you must know about the famous summer festivals of Chicago. This festival season starts on the last days of spring and covers the city with colors of joy and love.

Well, the good news is that the city is going to celebrate these festivals from Mid-June this year. Making it the most joyous time to travel to Chicago.

New York, NewYork

With the most flexible governor, New York is back in the game. From June 25, the city dropped all ongoing travel restrictions. Places like Manhattan are on tourists’ radars. And thus, receiving a lot of them. There is a high surge in international flight booking to New York.

If you love this city, then there is no perfect time than now to visit it. As almost everything is available at low prices than before. All this is done to make New York’s tourism stand back on its feet again.

Las Vegas, Nevada

As of June 1st, fully vaccinated people can party in Vegas. If you are a party animal, there is no place better to have many. The city was open and working for some time, but the travel restrictions weren’t exempted. Thus, many had to wait to visit this amazing city. Places like Sin City are fully opened for completely vaccinated people.

With the news, people have booked advance tickets to the city. And thus, the travel industry is expected to have many spikes. Fan of grand live shows? Well, book tickets online.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Do you share a love for Pina colada, body massages, and the perfect pool time? If yes, then Scottsdale’s summers are waiting for you. Book a resort online and spend some leisure time at the perfect leisure space.

With the amazing nightlife of the city, you are in for a grand party. The extravagant dining and grand bars are perfect spaces for friends or love date. Visiting the city with your friends or partner could easily turn into the most-cherishing life experience for you.

Miami, Florida

Who can resist the beautiful beaches of Miami? With the long sunbaths, little sandcastles, and adventurous water sports, everything about the city is very picturesque and joyous. Florida has no domestic traveling restrictions. And the beaches of Miami, the delicious seafood is calling your name.

Spend your evenings enjoying delicacies at a beautiful restaurant. Then go for a walk on the shores of the beach. Listen to the melodies of waves while gazing at stars studded in the mesmerizing sky. Visit Miami to experience the magic of beautiful beaches.

Washington, Washington DC

Opening its gates wide open for travelers across the globe, Washington DC has relaxed the Covid-19 restriction from the mid of May. From 21st, June 2021 all the remaining restrictions will be removed and the city will attain a new normal. The sports venues will open at full capacity. And the bars, restaurants, and hotels will welcome you with no social distancing norms.

If you are planning a budgeted trip, Washington DC could be a perfect choice. With so many museums, galleries, and parks that provide free entry, the city becomes much more budget-friendly.

New Orleans, Louisiana

You must be fully vaccinated to let New Orleans opened its doors for you. With minimum travel restrictions, the city is now standing steady to welcome travelers. The maximum capacity allowed in indoor venues is 250 people.

Unvaccinated or Half Vaccinated people have to follow social distancing guidelines. They aren’t allowed to roam in the city with no masks. Make a warning for making dinner reservations. Except that, the city is very welcoming and you can have a great time visiting here.

Talkeetna, Alaska

Situated at the feat of Mt. Mc Kinley, Talkeetna is a small town established just a century ago. The beautiful, picturesque town is a famous summer and winter destination. If you want to spend some time away from the city lights, Talkeetna can be the perfect place for you.

From 26th April 2021, Alaska is simplifying its rules and regulations for international travelers. Making it perfect to visit different parts of it. Now the states of Alaska are purely restrictions-free. However, non-vaccinated travelers must endure pre-testing norms. And they must test free upon their arrival on the Alaskan lands. Otherwise, you must stay in quarantine for 14 days at your own expense. 

The hotels, bars, and restaurants are open with certain limitations. The city encourages people to buy take-outs or order from home instead of indoor dining. You must make hotel reservations before traveling to the city. As on the spot, bookings aren’t available at many places.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

The largest city of Connecticut, Bridgeport, is welcoming tourists with open arms. Open for long, Bridgeport is serving many travelers. There is a good hike in air tickets, hotels, and restaurants bookings. You can find people chilling at the bars having the best of their leisure time.

Spend quality time at beaches, sunbathing, and taking body massages. Go for a stroll beside the beach at night and on your way back dine in a small elegant restaurant. Don’t forget to make online bookings as some places are still taking bookings online only. Spend a relaxing and fun day in campgrounds or parks. Shop from the retail stores. And enjoy the best of Connecticut on your post-pandemic trip.

Des Moines, Iowa

The Kim Reynolds government has removed the mask mandate for fully vaccinated people in Iowa. The beautiful capital of Iowa, Des Moines is now open to tourists. And is becoming a great tourist attraction. The post-pandemic serenity of Iowa is something else. And people are making bookings in high numbers just to have a taste of it.

Drink at the open bars and dine at fine dining restaurants. Working out in gyms is allowed. Parks, pools, and playgrounds are offering some great relaxing times. Spend hours in libraries filled with both books and people. On a friend’s trip? Bowling alleys and amusement parks can add new dimensions to it. Be a free-spirited soul in the restriction-free Iowa and spend the best time of your life in the state.

Frankfort, Kentucky

June 11 onwards, Kentucky is lifting the state-wise mask mandate. And the state is all set to attract tourism. With open gyms, aquatic centers, campgrounds, and pools Frankfort is grabbing tourists’ attention. Frankfort has noticed a surge in hotel bookings and air tickets recently. 

Go on a day picnic at the banks of River Ohio. Spend quality time at distilleries and bars. Experience the fine dining experience with indoor dining. Love watching movies at theaters? Well, the good news is movie theaters are also open at Frankfort. So, movie dates are always on the table. 

With the downfall in Covid-19 cases, people are excited about post-pandemic travels. But the pandemic hasn’t ended. And we have to learn to live with this fact. Although many places have eased social distancing and masks restrictions, we suggest you stay put with them. Ensure and do everything you can for a safe and joyous trip to the United States.


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