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How To Select The Right Hotel Before Visiting A Seaside Location?

Daman – the idyllically ineffable and magical haven that calls for a pullback from the coiling city life. This close-knit Portuguese colony of yesteryears is the only place in India that has functional lighthouses, white-sand pristine beaches, turquoise blue waters, exotic fauna & flora, a wine brewery with the finest wines which is actually not at all pricey, and picture-perfect scenic views to do awesome photography. And if it is food that you’re concerned about, then local seafood will totally blow your mind away! You can sample the tantalizing local food, which is a fusion of Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, Konkan, with Indian spices. Furthermore, you can always avail the signature continental food in case you’re bored with the spices. 

And just imagine if the hotel is located by the seaside then what else one could ask for. Right? Because lodging or stay is one of the most crucial aspects of a vacation.

So if you have selected the beach location but are unsure which hotel to select or how to go about the process? Well, we’ve got some great tips that could help choose the right place for an awesome staycation or vacation. 

Do your research

If you are visiting Goa then, thorough and veritable research is an absolute must before you select the right hotel of your choice. There are many trip advisor websites over the internet that can help you do the comparisons and often provide you with great deals. Make sure you’ve considered everything, from the distance between the hotel and the airport or mainland transportation to the hotel’s amenities and food, and, of course, the type of room or suite you’ve intended to book.

That personal touch

If you can gather information from friends or family about the best hotels available in your ideal location then nothing can be better than that. Of course, experiencing on a first-hand basis is definitely going to aid in deciding the right pick for you. But in case the destination is fairly alien to you, then taking the help of a local friend or relative, or a good samaritan would be exceptional. As they may not only guide you about the prevailing rates but also help you regarding which tourist spots to visit.

Be upfront about your expectations

The next step is to select the top four hotels that you believe are most suited to your demands and requirements after you’ve acquired a clear grasp of the rates of the various hotels. 

Talk to their first contacts to get a sense of what special offers, deals, or discounts these specific hotels are ready to throw in as a bonus. See which hotel gives the quickest and easiest bookings, as this will give you an indication of the staff’s responsiveness and congeniality. 

Gauge the Distance

Choosing the right hotel which is at an optimum distance to an easy mode of transportation is important. Make sure your hotel isn’t in the outskirts of the city and the location is pretty much a hub where basic facilities like banks, ATMs, taxis, hospitals are readily available. Select a hotel that has a good number of positive reviews online and isn’t a shady or dingy place that nobody knows about. Your security while staying at a new place is really a top priority.

Reviews Matter

While the star ratings of a hotel may or may not hold relevance, their reviews by the actual clients do really matter. So ensure that you have checked all the guest feedback and have learned about the complementary or additional services the hotel offers like for instance babysitting services or creche, dog walking services, spas, duty-free stores, gift shops, golfing, casinos, and drugstores. 

Ask Away

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive but asking questions about the services and communicating your expectations is truly indispensable. Make sure you ask if your room is sea-facing, the decor of your suite, the itinerary or menu that would be offered, the kind of options that are available regarding the different cuisines, room services, breakfast in bed, or the smorgasbord, and most importantly who will receive you once you reach the destination.
In conclusion, make sure you have chosen a hotel that would give you the best services and hospitality that is memorable along with the best deals plus complimentary services like entertainment, unlimited food & beverages, with complete grandiose treatment. One such quintessence is the Deltin Hotel at Daman which is not only affordable but offers a regal reception to the tourists and guests. Known for its high-end casinos and a venue full of entertainment, it offers an ideal hotel experience with all the aforementioned key features of an exceptional auberge and lodging. Plus it is located at the beach so you do not have to look any further for your ideal staycation.


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